About Us

kitchen staff in the early days

Freddy’s Lefse has been a family-owned business since it was established in 1946. Fred and Lorraine Cox started Freddy’s Lefse after Fred had seen there was a demand for the Norwegian delicacy. They decided to develop a bakery that specialized in the making of only lefse. Freddy’s Lefse’s beginning can be traced back to their one room operation in their north Fargo home, then to a small neighborhood shop employing the local neighborhood women, followed by a newly built building they constructed behind their home in 1977, and finally to the current shop in West Fargo.

In 1996 the business continued with their sons, Terry and Barry Cox, with Terry’s wife Michele overseeing sales and production. Terry and Michele’s daughter Amanda works with them and plans on continuing the family business through the generations to come. They continue to produce lefse with the same quality and care that their parents started in 1946.

Freddy’s Lefse is distributed throughout the tri-state area with the main distribution to all of the local Fargo–Moorhead SuperValu and Nash Finch grocery stores. Bismarck SuperValu has recently joined the list, following suit with the long time customers Byerly’s and Lund’s store in the Minneapolis–St. Paul area, along with SuperValu in Grand Forks. Freddy’s has a highly popular mail order business that reaches every state in the United States, with high demand during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Over the years we have heard of many different ways that customers serve and prepare Freddy’s Lefse. It is traditionally topped with a thin layer of butter then sprinkled with sugar. It can also be topped with just butter, butter and brown sugar, peanut butter, jelly, cinnamon, and it is also a good wrap for hotdogs, bratwursts, and lunch meat. Serve it alongside your meal’s main course, and with the popular but acquired taste of lutefisk. Lefse is a excellent substitute for potato, and it is a special treat enjoyed by all.



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